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Some attorneys work hundreds of files at a time. Our clients are people, not file numbers, and our advocacy is tailored to your particular case. We are your law firm, working for you

The One Law Firm for You

It can be hard to choose an attorney. There's a lot of noise in our society: advertisements, billboards, television commercials, cold calls from people you don't know who are asking to connect you to an attorney in their pay-to-play network. 

We are not a network. We don't advertise. We don't bring on hundreds of cases so we can make a quick buck. Instead, the Law Office of Tom Reuland is dedicated to working with people who share the same passion for their personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit as we do. We don't treat our clients like numbers. We treat them like people. 


Attorney Tom Reuland has recovered millions of dollars for clients over the course of his career. But money is only part of what makes this firm unique. Unlike other attorneys, Tom Reuland looks forward to going to trial even with cases other attorneys think are too difficult. The Law Office of Tom Reuland also knows how to resolve cases through alternative means, like arbitration or mediation, when doing so can maximize a recovery. Our firm has the experience, dedication, and drive to fully investigate and litigate each case for each person we serve. 

Attorney Tom Reuland has garnered a host of significant recognition by his peers and others in the legal profession. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on the law. He has taught legal education classes on topics ranging from direct examination during trials, to representing victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, to the interaction between personal injury recoveries and payments through workers compensation claims. He has published articles in academic journals as well as legal magazines on topics ranging from civil procedure to insurance coverage issues impacting ride share crashes with Lyft and Uber. He has earned recognition from Super Lawyers and the Leading Lawyers Network, placing him among the top 2.5% of attorneys in the state. Tom Reuland has a 10/10 rating on Avvo and was named a Top 40 Under 40 Attorney in Illinois by the National Trial Lawyers. 

You can learn more about Tom Reuland here

We Only Handle Certain Types of Cases

Unlike other law firms in Illinois, we focus our advocacy on limited categories of cases. We work on cases where the negligence of a company or individual harms or kills another individual. We focus our time on crashes involving vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, and on certain types of negligence involving medical care and caring for the elderly. While we are not the law firm for everyone, we probably know another attorney who may be able to help you on other matters. However, our limited focus is a point of pride that enables us to apply expertise earned over years in the trenches to maximize the outcomes clients deserve. 

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