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Insurance companies have good lawyers. You should have better.

The Problem Our Mission Addresses

Most insurance companies are massive corporations that must report profits to their members and shareholders. Their drive for profits is fundamentally adverse to personal injury victims who need insurance companies to pay for medical bills, time missed from work, pain and suffering, and the life changes they were forced to go through because of someone's carelessness. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers to help protect their interests. We believe that injured people and their families need a lawyer to stand up and fight for what they deserve. Our mission is to provide outstanding advocacy for clients injured by the negligence of others and to protect our clients from profit-driven insurance companies that want to pay for less than what injured people have lost.  

Our Mission At Work For You

To fulfill our mission, we dig into what happened to cause our clients' injuries. We investigate what those injuries mean, not only from a medical standpoint but also from a personal standpoint. We look into how life changed for our clients and their families. And how we can make things better. 

With over a decade of experience and millions of dollars recovered, we have a track record that shows how dogged advocacy pays off for our clients and helps make them whole after suffering significant losses. 

First Steps

When you contact us, an attorney will speak directly with you to discuss potential claims with you. The call is confidential. It's free. It's a no-obligation first step that all people should take before talking to an insurance company that does not have your best interests in mind.

Some people are nervous asking an attorney for help. Or they give into ideas that insurance companies try to sell: There's no need to hire an attorney and there are too many lawsuits out there already. But the fact is that most lawsuits in Illinois are filed by companies rather than people. This needs to change and more citizens need to utilize the courts to help individuals instead of large companies and insurance companies.

Even if you are not a client, you can still be part of our mission. Contact us if you're interested in getting involved with promoting community safety, reducing injuries and fatalities due to careless actions, or helping others who have sustained significant injuries due to the negligence of others.

Lasting Impact

Our work has lasting impact for our clients. Often, without the help of a personal injury attorney, someone will settle a claim with an insurance company for less than the full value of what was lost by that person. Valuation of all the losses that Illinois law recognizes is a critical part of what we do. Too often we see injured people who are so eager to move on, that they end up not recognizing all the ways they have been harmed. Suddenly, that person realizes that they have signed away unrealized components of their claim and they don't have the resources or ability to shoulder the financial burden of the unforeseen impacts that their injury has had on their life and the lives of their family members. We help people recover the full legal value of the harm and losses that someone else's negligence has caused. 

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