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Aggressive Legal Advocacy for Those Hurt or Killed by Others 

We dedicate our practice to certain types of cases so we can be confident that we are providing clients with outstanding advocacy. 

Wrongful Death

No one's life should be cut short by the carelessness of someone else. Reuland Law handles cases where the death of a loved one is caused by the negligence of another person or company. Attorney Tom Reuland compassionately works with families and loved ones and knows how to manage the complexities of cases that involve the premature and preventable death of the people we love.

Pedestrian Injuries

More and more pedestrians are getting injured by the carelessness of others. Sometimes, the problem is a careless store clerk who places a dangerous impediment right in the middle of where someone is walking. Other times, a distracted driver on a cellphone will hit someone crossing the street in a crosswalk. Tom Reuland's law office handles a variety of cases where pedestrians have been injured by the negligence of others. 

Injured Cyclists

Cycling is one of the healthiest activities we can do, whether commuting to work or going on a long ride on open backroads. Unfortunately, other vehicles on the road do not always abide by the laws designed to protect cyclists and keep our streets and roadways safe. When someone's unsafe driving injures a cyclist, our office can help. Reuland Law has extensive experience securing large recoveries when doorings, left hooks, right hooks, and other negligent actions by a driver injure a cyclist in Illinois.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

As we age, we often look to others for help. Nursing homes can offer that help. However, some facilities prioritize profits over people. They cut corners, don't hire enough staff, and even ignore doctor's orders. They don't care for some of our citizens who need care the most. Whether it's a preventable fall, a wrongful discharge from a nursing home, or a careless medication mistake, negligence can create dangerous conditions. As a result, easily avoidable injuries impair already fragile lives, lead to expensive hospitalizations, and cause extensive pain, suffering, and even death. If this happens to you or someone you love, we can help. 

Car and Truck Crashes

Car "accidents" are rarely accidents. Crashes happen when someone is not paying attention, texting on a phone, driving too fast, or not following the rules of the road that are designed to keep us safe. If you're injured in a crash, insurance companies will try to minimize what they should pay. Even when your claim is against big companies like Uber and Lyft. Rather than taking quick money, you can maximize your recovery by working with Reuland Law. 

Construction Injuries

Construction workers build our country. Unfortunately, sometimes employers, contractors, owners and others might prioritize speed and profits over workplace safety. Every worker has the right to a safe workplace. When a person or company's actions create a dangerous situation and someone is seriously injured or killed as a result, Tom Reuland takes aggressive action to hold people and corporations accountable. Learn more by clicking here

Other Cases

If you are not sure whether your potential case falls into any of the types of cases we focus on, then please contact us for a free consultation. If we cannot help you, we likely know someone who can.

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