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Don't fall for insurance company traps. Call us first.

Trap One: Thinking It's Not a Battle.

You may have heard the saying, "Insurance companies are good at two things: collecting premiums and denying claims." This seems to be unfortunately true. Any company pouring money out the door would not last. So, with each claim made, insurance companies battle for profits, for revenue, and for the interests of their stock price.

Yet when you are injured by someone’s negligence, insurance companies may try to contact you before you can speak with an attorney. These conversations appear friendly and may even involve appealing promises to pay you money. Don't be misled, and don't set yourself up for failure by giving in to an insurance company's games. Insurance companies have teams of adjusters, investigators, and lawyers working for them. You need an aggressive attorney in your corner too. At the Law Office of Tom Reuland, we battle insurance companies, protect your rights, and maximize your results.

Trap Two: Calling a Lawyer When It's Too Late.

When someone is injured, it is particularly difficult for that person to advocate for themself. But those first few days and weeks after negligence occurs are critical to the investigation of what went wrong. A call to us soon after the harm occurs means that we will have more opportunity to investigate and prosecute a case. Also, keep in mind that various statutes can cause you to lose all rights to a recovery if you wait too long to pursue your claim.

Trap Three: Thinking that there are too many lawsuits already.

Some people have grown cynical and have lost faith in fundamental institutions of society, like the civil justice system. While courthouses are filled with corporations suing each other and even companies suing their customers, statistics show that surprisingly few average citizens use the courts to recover when negligence harms them. If we don't exercise our rights, we risk losing them.


Insurance companies have spent years discouraging people from using the judicial system. That means they now are in a position to deny more claims because they know that some people are too hesitant or scared to use the courts to help. Don't fall for that trap. Our justice system is not intimidating when you have the support of a good law firm to guide you to a fair recovery. 

Avoid the Traps.

Insurance companies are sophisticated, profitable, and savvy. After you've been injured, the best way to avoid falling into the countless traps ahead is to work with a dedicated and experienced attorney focused on your particular case. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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