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Legal Disclaimers

No legal Website is complete without a page of legal disclaimers. Please review this page carefully.

WebMD is not your doctor. This Website is not your lawyer.

Our website is for information, not for legal advice.

No professional relationship is formed.

Please don't think that WebMD will cure all of your illnesses. And don't think that this Website will provide you with professional legal representation. This Website is for informational purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. That's because this Website does not provide legal or tax advice to your specific needs or potential claim. You are making a profound mistake if you rely on what you read on the internet rather than actually consulting with an attorney and becoming a client.

Our clients become clients with a written agreement. Before that agreement is signed, we cannot and do not accept any professional responsibility for any legal matters. We pride ourselves on keeping a low volume of cases so we can fully dedicate our resources to the needs of each client. If we represented everyone who read our website or sent us an email, call or text, we would not be living up to our mission. 

All cases differ.

Testimonials and reviews are not promises or guarantees of future results.

Some cases have a legal value that's higher than others. Each outcome depends on the particular facts and circumstances of a case. Even if a testimonial about our firm or personal injury attorney Tom Reuland might mention a dollar figure or particular result that was reached, all cases are different. Testimonials are not promises or guarantees about the outcome of your specific case, no matter how similar they may seem. 

This Website might discuss awards and recognition Tom Reuland has received from various groups. The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law, and any certificate, award or recognition is not a requirement to practice law in Illinois. Instead, they’re nice honors above and beyond graduating from law school, passing the bar exam, and obtaining a license to practice law in Illinois.

External Sites

Linking to something is not an endorsement.

This Website is for informational purposes, so from time to time we may link to an outside source or information from a third party. We make no guarantees to the quality or accuracy of external content. Similarly, we do not necessarily endorse any content provided by any third party or outside source.

Corporate Information

The Law Office of Tom Reuland is Reuland Law, LLC. We are registered with the Supreme Court of Illinois, the Illinois Secretary of State, and elsewhere. Attorney Tom Reuland is licensed to practice law in Illinois. He is a member of various professional organizations including the Illinois State Bar Association, the American Association of Justice and the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. 

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