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Rideshare Crashes in Illinois

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized transportation. Along with their rapid rise, concerns regarding safety are growing throughout Illinois. These companies encourage distracted drivers to watch their phones for directions and the next fare rather than the watching the road. Reuland Law has extensive experience aggressively litigating against rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft in Illinois.

The Dangers of Uber and Lyft

Distracted and negligent driving injuries thousands of people each year.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has recorded the massive increase of companies like Uber and Lyft offering their services to anyone with a smart phone and a credit card. Ridership has ballooned so much that traditional taxi services, which require drivers to undergo extensive training and safety checks, are struggling.

Because Uber and Lyft force their drivers to utilize route maps and applications to connect with riders, the driver’s smart phone often distracts them from paying attention to the road. Not paying attention to the road causes crashes, and crashes cause serious, often life-threatening, injuries.

Ridesharing poses unique dangers compared to taxis, as reported by the Illinois Department of Insurance:

Ride-sharing is different, however, than taking a traditional taxi or limousine. Taxis and limousines are typically licensed by the state and/or local transportation authority. The vehicles are required to be inspected and drivers must be properly licensed. In addition, taxi operators are required to have commercial insurance that protects a passenger and third parties (i.e., pedestrians or other drivers) in the event of an accident. Transportation Network Companies [i.e. rideshares like Uber and Lyft] may not be subject to the same requirements that apply to taxis and limousines. Additionally, commercial auto insurance for a TNC is typically more expensive than personal auto insurance because it presents more risk and therefore may be cost prohibitive for individuals only driving on a part-time schedule.

Source: (accessed March 20, 2024)

Promote Safe Streets in Illinois

Don't fight Uber or Lyft alone. A free and confidential consultation with Reuland Law can prevent you from losing out. 

Safety regulation of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft is rare because often people want to support bourgeoning technology companies. However, it is up for debate whether Uber and Lyft are start-ups given their massive market capitalizations and global reach.

Thus, without strong legislation in Illinois to protect people, often the job of holding Uber and Lyft accountable for unsafe drivers falls to our civil justice system. Here's where Reuland Law can help.

Tom Reuland has been litigating cases against ride share companies like Uber and Lyft since the beginning of his career. He published a seminal article in Trial Journal Magazine about the Transportation Network Providers Act (625 ILCS 57/5) and the standard of care that rideshare companies face during litigation. Mr. Reuland has extensive experience negotiating with the large rideshare companies in Illinois regarding everything from case value to confidentiality clauses. Mr. Reuland knows the law inside and out so that Reuland Law can achieve better results for clients compared to other firms that are not as familiar with the ins and out of litigating against rideshare companies.  

If you or someone you know needs help going after Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare company, you can speak with an attorney for free during a confidential consultation.

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