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HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT: Thought Leadership

Tom Reuland is a frequent lecturer and author on issues impacting families and individuals wronged by the negligence of others.

Tom Reuland has published extensively over the course of his career. Some of his more popular articles are linked below: 
  • The Transportation Network Providers Act and the Common Carrier Standard of Care. This article covers insurance coverage of ride-share companies like Lyft and Uber. It has important implications for people injured in car crashes, pedestrian injuries, and bicycle crashes.
  • Section 5(B) Liens: An Employer’s Right to Reimbursement from an Employee’s Third-Party Claim. This article covers an important section of the Workers' Compensation Act in Illinois that impacts personal injury cases. 
  • Rule 15: A Limited Safety Net for 12(b)(6) Dismissal After Iqbal. The Iowa Law Review published this academic note that addresses how people who bring lawsuits can avoid having a judge dismiss their case.
  • Three Tips for Giving a Great Deposition.  This legal guide provides introductory advice to people who are about to give a deposition, or a sworn statement, in a case.
Lectures and Presentations
Tom Reuland is a frequent speaker on legal issues impacting injured individuals and families. Some of his presentations include:  
  • Ethics and Technology: A Post-Covid Review. In 2023, the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education invited Tom Reuland to speak about ethics rules that are particularly important in the contemporary practice of law.
  • Long-Term Care: An Overview of Legislation, Case Law, and Civil/Administrative Protection. Tom Reuland moderated a 2021 panel of legal experts addressing the care and treatment of people who need long-term nursing and medical care. 
  • Medicaid, Medicare and Long-Term Care Needs: Rights, Responsibilities, and Remedies. The Illinois State Bar Association organized this 2023 presentation in which Tom Reuland spoke about how people can prevent and remedy a wrongful eviction from a nursing home.
  • Illinois Bike Law. The Illinois Bike Law Course presented through the Illinois Institue of Continuing Legal Education addressed current laws, guidelines, and courtesies related to cycling in Illinois. Tom Reuland detailed how the details of an Illinois Traffic Crash Report and the SR1050 can help lawyers better represent injured cyclists and pedestrians.
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