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Reuland Law Sponsors Neighborhood T-Ball

Reuland Law, LLC is a proud supporter of the Welles Park Parents Association (WPPA) by sponsoring a local t-ball team. The WPPA teaches baseball and softball fundamentals to kids in Chicago. Good sportsmanship is a priority as kids learn about fielding, hitting and teamwork. By joining as a sponsor, Reuland Law continues its commitment to meaningful community involvement.

Reuland Law sponsors the "Rookie Minnesota Twins"

“As a kid, just about every sport I loved was led by volunteers and funded by park districts or small businesses in the area,” Founding Attorney Tom Reuland said. “By supporting the WPPA, Reuland Law helps ensure that other kids can enjoy some of the same community-driven opportunities I had growing up.”

The Welles Park Parents Association’s origin story epitomizes what people can do to foster communities. Welles Park opened in 1910, spanning about 16 acres in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Welles Park was home to Chicago Park District baseball leagues for decades.

Welles Park circa 1946

In the 1990s with Park District budgets and staffing facing challenges, local parents worked with the park district to form the Welles Park Parents Association, the “WPPA.” The historic baseball programming soon expanded, adding opportunities for kids from age 5 through 14. Demand spurred the WPPA to expand its reach beyond Welles Park alone and into neighboring parks with baseball diamonds. The Chicago Cubs organization noticed, and, beginning in 2016, the Chicago Cubs Charities helped build scoreboards, improve field conditions and fund maintenance costs.

Reuland Law is a Chicago-based personal injury firm with clients throughout Illinois. The firm is always open to sponsorship opportunities if your organization is in need of extra support. Please contact for more information or if you would like to learn more about our community involvement or to present any sponsorship opportunities.



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